Weekend Update (Kerry)-Parades, Family, and Food

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all had a great long weekend with family and friends. I had an extra long weekend for the holiday. I actually had off Tuesday through Sunday so we could head to New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Since I did lots of fun stuff-I will fill you in on it all. Tuesday I was up bright and early for a quick run. I wanted to stretch those legs out before sitting in the car for 4 hours.


We headed out mid-morning. We made sure we had lots of movies to keep Jada entertained for the long ride.


We stopped for lunch in Connecticut. I ordered a pizza salad. I was thinking that it was going to be a small piece of dough with a salad piled on top. Well….it was the size of a regular pizza. It was delicious! I ate all the salad piece and two slices of the crust.


We got to NJ and settled in. I was pleasantly surprised to see this nice bottle waiting in the fridge for me. If you haven’t tried this yet—you need to!


Wednesday I started the morning off with a run. I love running along the Hudson river and taking in the views of NYC. I always try to get at least one run in when I am in the area.

img_8364 img_8368

Around lunch time we headed in to NYC to stay with one of Jay’s friends. We were heading in to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Thursday and also to see the balloons get inflated. I took this picture in the tunnel as we were heading through. It is the line that designates NY and NJ. I was always so excited when we passed it when I was a kid.


We grabbed some lunch and then around early evening, we walked to see the balloons. It was really fun. We walked a ton though and of course, my Fitbit broke that morning so I couldn’t even track my steps!

img_8372 img_8373 img_8374 img_8375 img_8377 img_8376

We went home and headed to bed. We were all so tired. We woke bright and early Thursday to head over to another friend’s house to watch the parade. Their place was also on the parade route and we had views from the window in their house. It was awesome!

img_8384 img_8389 img_8387 img_8388

After watching from inside for a bit, we headed outside to watch.

img_8392 img_8393 img_8395 img_8404

We had a blast at the parade and headed back to have Thanksgiving with family. Friday we had another day of visiting some more family. Saturday we really had nothing planned and we ended up taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese in the afternoon.

img_8416 img_8420 img_8422 img_8423

Sunday we left bright and early to get back home and get prepped for the week. We made it home in around 3 hours–which is awesome! I spent the afternoon doing laundry and grocery shopping. We had nothing in our house. Look how full this cart was.


Now it’s back to reality and time to get ready for Christmas!

Weekend Update – Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Christmas Cards

It’s the Monday after an extra long holiday weekend.  Kind of brutal to get back into the swing of things.  We had a busy and eventful weekend and i’m already ready to relive it. Especially if I can hide from the fact that it really is Monday even for just a couple of minutes

Let’s rewind all the way back to Thursday. It was Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had relaxing day that they are thankful for.

We had a thanksgiving 5k that morning in NH. Turns out, it’s the 5th anniversary of the first time I ran this race.  And not only is it the first time I ran this race, but it’s the first time I ran any race ever! I had to wear my marathon shirt to commemorate this occasion.img_5065

I felt like I robbed a convenience store after I left there.  There were too many free goodies to pass up though!img_5066

I tried so hard to not overeat but I failed.  On the ride home, I felt so full and ill.  I wish there was a magic pill that could digest everything you eat fast so that you can eat more. (No, not really…) I made these veggie roll-ups and they were a huge hit.  It was just a light layering of cream cheese mixed with a touch of dry ranch dressing on top of a wrap.  Then we rolled up carrots, peppers, baby spinach and purple cabbage.  They were perfect bit sized snacks.img_5071

Our rushed family photo so that i could get cards ordered.  We still haven’t sent out our change of address from when we moved in March.img_2278

Friday morning we got right down to business and started crossing off things from our to-do list.  First stop after coffee was stamps!img_5082

We even hit up Target on Black Friday.  We didn’t find any fabulous deals, but that’s ok. The place wasn’t even that packed either.img_5083

But then I got the bright idea to head to the mall.  The parking lot was disgusting.  We parked far away and walked.  It wasn’t too bad when we started but by the time we were ready to leave, we could barely walk the mall hallways without constantly bumping into other people.img_5086

Saturday started with an early drop off to get the brakes on my car fixed.img_5088

Which meant that my keys were not in my pocket for the morning.  I have keyless ignition, so as long as they are on me, I can start the car.  Well, turns out, having them in my pocket at all times is a great backup.  Ben walked out of the house later that morning without his car keys and we had no way to get back in.  We ended up walking to my parent’s house to grab their extra car keys so that we could pick up my car and so we could get back into our house.  At least the weather was decent for a 2 mile walk in boots.img_5091

We then spent the rest of that afternoon in front of the tv.  And in case you were wondering, it is completely ok to watch cartoons even when your kid isn’t home to watch them with you.img_5098

Sunday morning was all about cooking and food prep.  I got my food all set for the week and even made a couple of desserts.  Chopping apples while watching tv was a great way to start the day for me.img_5099

It was a coffee kind of weekend.  We had to go back to the mall today but it was a quick visit and it wasn’t nearly as crowded as Friday.  It was cold though so the coffee was necessary.img_5114 Because we went to the town tree lighting ceremony.  There was actually lots of fun free stuff and a Yeti.  Not every day you see a yeti walking through your town common.img_5118

We ended the night getting our christmas cards in order.  I will  be sending some out today even though it’s still November.  But mainly to the ones headed out-of-state.img_5119

All and all it was a pretty productive and relaxing weekend.  Probably helps that it lasted 4 days. Now time for Christmas stuff!! The decorating boxes made their way upstairs, but nothing has been unpacked yet.  Maybe that will be the update for next weekend.

Weekly Workout Recap-11/27

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday! Holiday season is now in full effect. Even more reason to stay on track with our workouts.


Kerry: Boot camp is back after our week off. The weather didn’t spare us this morning. It snowed!  No excuse not to go to boot camp though. We jumped right back in to it with a cyclone workout. Some short spurts of running and then exercises in between. Today’s workout was all about the abs. We did a series (which we added on to each round) of bicycle crunches, v-ups, planks, Russian twists, leg lifts, sit-ups, burpees, and push-ups. My abs were screaming!

img_8354 img_8355

Lara: I can’t believe we woke up to a snowy Monday morning.  It’s on a dusting, but still.  It’s cold! I wasn’t planning on an outside workout anyways.  My legs and feet are still sore from the weekend and standing 3 days straight at the school christmas fair.  So I figured some yoga for tired legs would be a good idea.  Now to find something for tired eyes (that even filters don’t help).


Kerry: I got out for a quick run this morning-3 miles.  I am really trying to stay on track this week since we will be traveling.


Lara: I felt the need for some serious strength training today.  I had to get it done at home because I was participating in a workplace training at my normal gym time.  There was a lot of ab work in this workout as well.  I love that Fitnessblender.com adds a new workout each week.  It helps to changes things up for me.


Kerry: I got a 3.5 mile run in. I always try to get a  run in while I am in NJ. I love running along the river and taking on the views of NYC.


Lara: Last night I had a dermatologist appointment. I go annually to have my moles checked. Well this time they found a pigment change on a old scar so they wanted to biopsy it.  They told me no lifting for 2 weeks until the stitches come out.  When I asked how many stitches I actually had, they told me ONE.  All of that avoidance for only 1 stick. Unbelievable.  Needless to say, I avoided working out today.


Kerry: I knew I wasn’t going to get a workout in today since we were in NYC and heading to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We did a ton of walking yesterday and a ton today. Of course my Fitbit won’t charge so I have no idea how many steps I took but I know it was a lot.


Lara: Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been an annual tradition since I started running to participate in a Thanksgiving 5K. As it turns out, today is the exact day 5 years ago that I ran my first 5k.  Today I wore my marathon shirt to the race.  So much has been accomplished in 5 years, I can’t even believe it.



Kerry: I had every intention of getting a run in but Jalen decided he did t want to sleep last night. He got up at 2am crying and didn’t fall back asleep until 5am.  I was exhausted and we had a busy day ahead of us. I decided to try to get an hour or two rest instead of running.

Lara: I’m totally milking this whole no workout thing.  Obviously I did run yesterday. Cardio is fine. But in my head, all workout is the same. Today is Black Friday and as much as I hate crowds, I needed to get out of the house. We actually went to the mall if you can believe that.  And I did buy a bunch of stuff. Walking and shopping was my workout today.


Kerry: Another day without a workout. Oh well. It’s so hard to try to fit it all in while I am away.

Lara: Again, I didn’t have any workout planned.  My car needed to go into the shop to have it’s brakes fixed.  When we got home from dropping it off, we decided to hit a couple more stores again.  As we got to Ben’s car, he realized that he didn’t have his keys. And obviously mine were with my car.  The top 3 people we would have called to help us were not even close by. Sooooo…Ben and I walked 2 miles to my parents house to grab their car so I could get my house keys.  Turns out I did get a workout in today! At least the weather was nice enough for a walk.


Kerry: We are heading back home today. I won’t get a workout in but I have so much to do that I am sure it will feel like I worked out.

Lara: If you can believe it, I slept in today.  I started on food prep when I rolled out of bed and we have plans again to hit the mall. So more steps trying to avoid crowds by jumping right in the middle of it.

Weekend Update (Kerry)-Work Trip

This weekend flew by! I had to travel for work Friday and Saturday so I didn’t have much of a weekend. I had to be up at 4:30am to get to the airport for 6am on Friday morning. It was still dark when I parked my car at the airport.


I arrived in Baltimore and spent Friday afternoon at a trade show. Fun part, we had a Lamborghini in our booth. I am not much of a car person but you can’t help but stop an flood at a $300,000 + car.

img_8341 img_8342 img_8343

I got up early Saturday to head out for a run. I was able to get 5.5 miles in. The weather was pretty warm and I enjoyed the run. I even got a glimpse at the Under Armour compound.

img_8335 img_8334

Saturday was also spent working. I basically spent 2 days in this booth.


I got to fly home late Saturday night so I was able to be home with the kids on Sunday. I had a super busy Sunday. I had to do laundry, pack for the upcoming week, and run a few errands. While I was out, I saw this gem.


With all the running around, I was still able to put my Christmas decorations up. I normally don’t do it this early but we won’t be around this weekend and we typically get our tree the first weekend in December. I wanted to make sure we were all set for the holidays!



Weekend Update – Let the Holidays Begin

It’s Monday morning and there is a dusting of snow on the car.  It’s definitely the holiday season.  And proof is the fact that I spent this past weekend at my daughter’s school’s Christmas Fair.

Let me share some of it with you!

My weekend actually started on Thursday because I took Thursday and Friday off from school for the fair.  I have been participating in it since she started at the school in Kindergarten.  This was the 8th year…one more to go.

OnThursday I had to gather all of the donations from the classrooms. Each class is assigned a basket theme. Today is the day that I put them all together.  It was such a long day but well worth it once we see the outcome of those boxes into these huge baskets.

Friday morning I was back at the fair nice and early.  It started at 9am but we required a bit more time for set up.  A Grinch was watching over me during the entire fair. I’m not going to lie, we was a little bit creepy just standing there.


But it was made much better once Santa arrived.  He is always set up behind my table and it’s probably my favorite time during the fair. Santa is fantastic and spends so much time with the kids that come to visit him.img_5020

I will have dreams of these raffle tickets and our price points for days to come still.img_5021

Saturday was still more fair all day.  My feet and calves were so sore. But my husband knows the drill and had 2 bottles of wine waiting for me when I got home Saturday night.img_5022

We had pizza and a movie so that I could just finally sit and relax.  After I devoured my pizza, I settled in.  I started watching Independence Day but definitely didn’t make my way through the whole thing. Out like a light somewhere around 8pm while sitting in the chair.img_5023

After a fantastic night’s sleep, I woke up to this gem.  This is a perfect representation of my feelings.  Especially during the holiday season.  I was good and very friendly during the fair, but today I need to just decompress and let myself reset.img_5029

Except I had a craving. I needed a chocolate cruller. I only had a bite, but it was exactly what I wanted.img_5030

And then me and Kayley headed to my parent’s house so that we could pack them into the car and drive them to the airport.  They are heading to sunny Florida for Thanksgiving.  Clearly they left just in time to miss the first snowfall.img_5032

I wasn’t a complete lazy mess today.  I did complete some things that were neglected from my to-do list.  One of them was to finally package up the old race t-shirts I gathered to have Project Repat repurpose them into a blanket for me. I can’t wait to show you the final result.  If you are interested in checking it out for yourself – this link will bring you 15% off your order: http://projectrepat.refr.cc/Z7NQZMS


What’s your favorite holiday?
Are you ready for Christmas shopping?
What do you look forward to the most during this part of the year?


Weekly Workout Recap-11/20

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is approaching. Even more of a reason to stay motivated to work out.


Kerry: I decided to take a rest day today. I ended up raking yesterday and I was pretty sore. This is also an off week for boot camp so I will take some rest while I can get it.

Lara: Today I woke and figured I needed to get back into some kind of a workout routine.  The end of this week is going to be crazy, so I have to put extra effort in at the beginning of the week.  I did yoga. But not just any yoga – core strengthening yoga. And boy did I feel it!!  Thanks yoga with adriene


Kerry: I actually had intentions on getting up and running this morning. Apparently my 3 year old had other thoughts. She got up at 2am and crawled in to our bed. I couldn’t really get back to sleep and when I finally did, my 15 month old starting crying. Just one of those nights. I had to stop and get a large coffee on my way to work this morning.


Lara: In my head I thought that maybe THIS would be the week that running would start being enjoyable for me again.  I packed my gym bag with full intentions of running on the treadmill at lunchtime. It’s supposed to pour all day today, so I figured it was my best option.  I even packed my iPad so that I could watch some Netflix while running.  I decided on a random Parks & Recreation episode.  That show never fails me.  I started up with running, but did have to slow down a couple of times to walk.  I only ended up with a mile on the treadmill.  I was cramping up right around my ribs and I think it was from yesterday’s yoga – no joke.  I just jumped on the bike to finish up a cardio workout.  I’m not upset about it.


Kerry: I am really taking this rest thing to a new level. No workout for me this morning. I am actually feeling a tad guilty but oh well.

Lara: Weights day! I need to strengthen these muscles.  We did a big circuit workout.  I kinda failed on the squats with a weights.  I got the bar in place. Did my squats. But then when I went to put the bar down, I couldn’t get it back over my head and needed a spotter.  Oops.  I wore a running take today too.  Seems like such a waste of good clothes to wear only for running specific purposes. Maybe it will give me some time of motivation.


Kerry: I didn’t get an “official” workout in but I was up at 5am cleaning.


Lara: Time for the busiest time of my year.  Every year since Kayley started school, I have been part of the schools annual Christmas Fair running the raffle table. Today was the day that I gathered ALL of the donations and organized them into baskets to raffle.  I got there are 7:50am and didn’t leave until about 5:30pm when it was time to pick Kayley up from dance class.  My feet are killing me but the baskets came out very nice!


Kerry: I am traveling for work today. I had to be at the airport at 6am so there was no time for a workout this morning. I am hoping to get a run in tomorrow morning while I am in Baltimore.

Lara: The fair starts today.  I will be on my feet ALL DAY.  (8am-8pm) When I got to bed, my heels and calves were so sore. I kept saying that my legs hurt more today than when I ran a marathon.


Kerry: Well, I finally broke my non-workout streak. I was able to get out for a run this morning. I had a late night last night and I didn’t sleep well at all but I knew I wanted to try to get out.  I am happy did. The weather was gorgeous here in Baltimore. I was actually a little over dressed. I got 5.5 miles in.  It was a nice run along the water and through Camden Yard. I also got a view of the Under Armour compound.

img_8335 img_8334

Lara: Day 3 and the final day of the fair. Although the day isn’t as long as yesterday, it was still a busy one.  After the fair was over, we were in charge of selecting the winners, calling them all and then breaking down our table.  Ben had two bottles of wine waiting  for me when I got home.  I ended up falling sleep in the living room while watching a movie with the family almost right after dinner.


Kerry: It’s doubtful I will get a workout in today. I am exhausted and going on a total 8 hours sleep over 2 days. I have a ton of stuff to do since I haven’t been home for a couple of days and we are heading to NJ for Thanksgiving. Lots of packing, laundry, and last-minute chores today.

Lara: As much as I wanted to sleep in today, I had to drive my parents to the airport. I definitely don’t plan on working out today though.  I’m letting my feet and legs rest today.  I give so much credit to teachers, nurses and anyone else who is on their feet all day long.  It’s not easy!

Weekend Update (Kerry)-3 Day Weekend

Lucky for me, I had a 3 day weekend. My office was actually open on Friday but I took the day off since Jada didn’t have school. I started Friday off with a nice 4 mile run. Figured it would be a good way to start the long weekend.


I had a fun day planned with Jada and I was excited to get the day started. First we headed out to a local outdoor shopping plaza. I wanted to go to lululemon to pick up some running gloves and a hat. It was a nice day out so Jada played outside a little bit while we were there.


From there we went to the movies to see Trolls. I think I may have been more excited than she was! It was a really fun movie and after this crazy, emotional charged week, it was nice to see something uplifting and happy.


After the movies, we ran some errands and then just enjoyed some dinner at home. Saturday morning I was up bright and early to get a long run in. I wanted to make sure I got it in this morning because the next few weeks are crazy for me with travelling for both work and the holidays, and I knew I wouldn’t get a double digit run in. I did 11 miles. It was so cold when I started out. Luckily my new winter gloves and hat helped keep me warm. I had a good run–way better than expected. Take a look at those last 2 miles….I must have really wanted to get home!

img_8303 img_8302

After the run, it was off to dance with Jada. Once every two months, the teacher opens the blinds in the window and we are allowed to watch the kids dance. They did a great job (even with all of us watching!).

img_8305 img_8306

After dance, we spent a lazy day at home. I went grocery shopping and then later in the evening I headed over to Lara’s to have a glass of wine. Sunday ended up being a somewhat lazy day for us. We had no plans and were in no rush to do much of anything. The  kiddos enjoyed watching some Sesame Street.


We went to the mall so I could return a few things. Jada has been really in to dress up lately and won’t take her princess dresses off. Today she went out in a dress and a tiara.


Once we got home from the mall, I decided to tackle some raking. I hate raking, I really do. And the worst part, once I raked everything up, I realized we had no leaf bags. UGH!


Jada helped me make a cake for dessert. She loves baking and I love that she likes to help me in the kitchen.


It was a nice 3 day weekend. Looking forward to some more time off for the holidays.


Weekend Update – Birthday Celebration Weekend

Happy Monday! It’s crazy to think, but next week is Thanksgiving!! We have already done some Christmas shopping too.  It’s so amazing how fast this time of year flies by. And then once January hits, time slows down and it takes FOREVER for it to be March as we wait for the warmer months and longer days to set in.

And now I’m getting too far ahead of myself.  Let’s rewind a little bit and recap this past weekend.

On Friday, I had to go to the lab to have some blood work done.  Just routine stuff to go along with the physical I had on Thursday.  But I made sure to go first thing since I had to fast.  Not my favorite, but I passed the time thinking about the Dunkin’ Donuts waiting for me afterwards.

It was also Veteran’s Day.  I couldn’t go any further without thanking the brave men and women who we celebrate today.  Because of them, we are lucky enough to live free in America. Thank you.

I however wasn’t lucky enough to have the day off, so I did have to work.  But while Kayley was home from school for a long weekend, she wanted to make Ben a birthday cake.  His birthday was Thursday and we treated him to a night out but birthdays extend for days in this house.  She HAD to buy the sparkler candles for his cake.  I couldn’t light all of the ones that she wanted because we would have had a mess on our hands.  They produced a lot of ash… and of course sparkles.

Saturday morning Ben woke up for a long run.   I thought about it.  I figured I would run.  But then as I laid in bed, I realized that I didn’t really want to.  And I’m ok with that.  Just 2 weeks post marathon and I think my body still just wants some more recovery time.  So I did some early food prep instead.img_4986

We then headed out for some errands.  We were gone most of the day.  And out long enough to take advantage of Starbucks current special of buy 1 holiday drink, get 1 free from 2pm-5pm.  And we got the red holiday cups. Win. Win.img_4987

For dinner, I made a pizza with super fresh ingredients from Whole Foods.  The night also called for a little wine.  Kerry even came over later that night to drink wine with me too.  Perfect way to spend a Saturday night.img_4989

I’ve been seeing this graphic around social media and think that I should probably print it and frame it somewhere.  I am notoriously dressing wrong for the weather, especially when it requires layers.  Or maybe it doesn’t require layers… I don’t know. I told you, I’m bad at determining that.img_4990

We spent Sunday morning relaxing with a lazy breakfast and the new Ghostbusters movie.  It was funny, but nothing beats the original.  img_4991

We then headed out for the rest of the day to celebrate more for Ben’s birthday.  We met with his family for brunch.  Then went to my parent’s house for dinner later that night.  In between, we did some shopping.  We didn’t buy anything, but it was nice to enjoy the warm weather while we can and browse through stores in the outdoor mall.img_4992

This week is going to fly by.  And then again, as I said at the start, it’s going to be Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for and I hope that during this super busy time, I can remember the important things I am so thankful for.

Weekly Workout Recap-11/13

Daylight savings arrived last weekend. Bad thing–it gets darker earlier. It is definitely not fun leaving work in the dark. But one positive thing–it gets lighter in the morning for those of us that are up bright and early to work out.


Kerry: Boot camp this morning. Today’s workout was a good combo of different exercises. We started on the 10 yard line and did 12 squats. Then it was a run/sprint to the 30 yard line and back to do another 12 squats. We repeated this 3 times and with a bunch of different moves–push-ups, bicycles, full body extensions, lunges, and burpees. Notice that little bit of light behind me–I love it!


Lara: I’m still not crazy about working out right now but I started the day with some yoga.  I would like to get back into workout routine but I’m not forcing it.


Kerry: I was able to get out for a run this morning. Just a quick one-3 miles. At least it keeps me in the groove and in the routine of running.


Lara: Although I wasn’t crazy about it, but I planned on running today.  I brought my running gear to work with me.  It was so dark after work and I really just didn’t want to do it. BUT I did want to know if I could. So I went.  The first mile was tough.  I actually was scripting my phone call to the orthopedic surgeon.  Mile 2 hit and I felt good.  Once I hit mile 3, I was feeling pretty good and Ben came back to meet with me to check on me.  He started jogging, then said “Oh man. You’re moving.” I told him I wanted to go for 4 miles and he ran the last with me.  The splits were amazing. I felt great.  My knee was good, but my poor toes were not.  I felt pumped that I still had some in me.
img_4955 img_4960


Kerry: Boot camp today and it was my favorite day—Hill Day! We did hill repeats this morning–but with a little twist. We would run up the hill-do 12 push-ups come down the hill and do 11 push-ups. We repeated until we were through. Then we did a backwards run up the hill. If you haven’t tried it-you should-it is totally killer on your legs. From there we did the same thing we did first time around with the push-ups but this time we did squats and started with 8 reps. Then we did a few more runs up the hill. It was an awesome workout. I always love my Fitbit data after this workout.


Lara: I had a great weights workout at lunchtime today. We did a full body circuit workout and it felt good.


Kerry: Today was a rest day for me. I spent the morning doing some cleaning before the work day started.

Lara: Today was Ben’s birthday.  I had no desire to workout today either and thought it was a good day for a rest day.  And for ice cream.  Both great ideas for today.


Kerry: I got out for a run this morning. I got 4 miles in. The run started out tough. I felt like I had two left feet. It took me awhile to get in to the groove. I was happy when the run was over! I kept telling myself, “at least I did it!”


Lara: Today was a morning at-home workout kind of day.  I decided on a back workout.  My sports therapist suggested that I focus more my back. Us runners do so much forward motion that we neglect our back.  Time for me to get back to basics.


Kerry: Long run for me today. I knew I wanted to get it in because it is doubtful that I will be able to get one in over the next two weeks with my schedule. Today’s run was a lot better than yesterday.  I will admit it was a little tough going the first mile or two. It was cold out and my body had to adjust. I bought some new winter gear yesterday and I was happy to try them out. I love my new gloves (so much that I included them in the picture below)! They are Run Fast Gloves from Lululemon. They definitely kept my hands warm–plus they are super cute! I felt great during the run. Take a look at those last two miles–WHAT? Guess I was ready to get home!

img_8303 img_8302

Lara: I woke up thinking about a run.  But with it being two weeks post first marathon, I just couldn’t do it. I think my body still wants a little time to repair. I’m trying to be ok with that. I want to like running again and not feel like it’s a chore.


Kerry: I think today is going to be a rest day for me. It’s still early and I haven’t committed to anything yet.

Lara: Oh you know, just another rest day for me over here.  We are relaxing this morning watching a movie then off to two birthday celebrations for Ben.

Weekend Update (Kerry)-An Extra Hour

We did a lot this weekend but I didn’t do a great job taking pictures….oops! Friday night started with going out for a quick dinner. I ended up getting home from work late (which totally stinks on a Friday) and I didn’t feel like cooking. By the time we got home from dinner, it was time to put the kiddos to bed. Saturday morning I was up bright and early. I had it in my head that I wanted to get a 10 mile run. Why 10 miles? Mostly because it is a double digit number and it makes me feel better to know I ran in the double digits. I got 10 miles in. It was cold. It felt like a winter run. It felt nice to be out there though and have a little time to myself.


After my run, it was off to dance with Jada and then grocery shopping. After grocery shopping, I stopped at CVS to get a flu shot. I never wait this long to get a flu shot but with being sick last month, I had to put it off.


While we were at CVS, Jada was obsessed with this Santa. Guess she must really want some presents this year!


We were having one of Jada’s friends and her parents over for dinner Saturday so we had some stuff to do around the house. One of those things was taking out the air conditioner that was still in our living room. I asked Jay to take care of this. I heard him take the AC in to the basement and then he left to run some errands. When I went in to the living room, this is how I found the room. Got to love men!

img_8276 img_8275

Saturday night Jada’s friend and her parents came over. We had a good time but I didn’t get any pictures. Sunday morning started with some reading on the couch. The kids love books and it worked for me because I got to dig in to the book I am currently reading.


After reading, we went out to play in the backyard for a bit. I love that we have this swing set but it is a little too big for Jalen and we have to watch him like a hawk on it.

img_8278 img_8279

We spent the rest of the day watching football and just relaxing. It was nice to just sit and chill out for a bit. A nap would have made it even better…..a girl can dream, right?