One Paris Summer by Denise Grover Swank {Book Review}

one-paris-summerTitle: One Paris Summer
Author: Denise Grover Swank
Publisher: Blink

I was provided a copy of this book from Booksparks in exchange for an honest review.

From Goodreads:
Most teens dream of visiting the City of Lights, but it feels more like a nightmare for Sophie Brooks. She and her brother are sent to Paris to spend the summer with their father, who left home a year ago without any explanation. As if his sudden abandonment weren’t betrayal enough, he’s about to remarry, and they’re expected to play nice with his soon-to-be wife and stepdaughter. The stepdaughter, Camille, agrees to show them around the city, but she makes it clear that she will do everything in her power to make Sophie miserable.

Sophie could deal with all the pain and humiliation if only she could practice piano. Her dream is to become a pianist, and she was supposed to spend the summer preparing for a scholarship competition. Even though her father moved to Paris to pursue his own dream, he clearly doesn’t support hers. His promise to provide her with a piano goes unfulfilled.

Still, no one is immune to Paris’s charm. After a few encounters with a gorgeous French boy, Sophie finds herself warming to the city, particularly when she discovers that he can help her practice piano. There’s just one hitch—he’s a friend of Camille’s, and Camille hates Sophie. While the summer Sophie dreaded promises to become best summer of her life, one person could ruin it all.

My Thoughts

I can definitely see One Paris Summer becoming a fun YA series. Although Denise Grover Swank is a new to me author, a little research showed me that she is a series writer. So maybe it might.

This may not be one of my favorite YA books of the year, but I definitely think it would appeal to a younger audience.  Sophie would appeal to any insecure teen looking to find herself and while she’s at it, maybe finding an adoring boyfriend.  Now imagine doing that far from home in another country – and not just any country, but Paris.

The story detailed many intertwining characters with enough details that you felt that you knew them.  Not only that, but the story took you on a tour of Paris and many of its famous landmarks.  I definitely have an interest in visiting this place and climbing to the roof of buildings.  Oh and eating in patisseries.

It was a feel good book about finding yourself and your first true love after a lot of snags and obstacles in your way.


Weekend Update (Kerry)-One Last Beach Day

Since it was the last weekend in September, figured I would try to squeeze one last beach day in. Well, technically not a true beach day, but close enough. Friday started with a half day for me. Lara and I were heading down to Cape Cod for the Zooma Cape Cod  Weekend. Lara’s birthday is Monday so it was a funny to celebrate her birthday. The night started with picking up our swag bags.


The swag bags were pretty nice! Basically to keep a long story short–this was supposed to be a half marathon and 10K race. The town the race is run in wouldn’t give Zooma the permits so they couldn’t have a formal race. They decided to have the weekend anyway, change the races to 5K and 10K and give a lot of swag. It included a tee, a sweatshirt, yoga mat, and a water bottle.


Since it was a girl weekend, we came prepared.


Lots of snacks too!


We had an ocean view from our balcony.


We ventured down to the beach for a little bit and even put our feet in.


Then it was time for hip hop yoga. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am not much of a yoga fan to start but I love hip hop so figured I could handle it.


It was basically yoga with some good music playing in the background. We did bust out a few dance moves though! Believe it or not, I actually liked it. I really should try to incorporate yoga in to my workout routine more often.

After yoga, we had some dinner and drinks.


Unfortunately, we didn’t stick around for the running Saturday morning. From what I heard, they didn’t really even have organized runs so I don’t know that we missed much. Saturday morning started with dance class for Jada. Her first class of the new year. We also switched dance schools so it was a big day for Jada.

img_7944 img_7942

After dance, Jay and I took the kids to a Kids Day in South Boston. Jada’s favorite kids band played and they had tons of activities for the kids.

img_7946 img_7947 img_7950

Sunday morning started with a 6 mile run. I hadn’t run in a few days so I was happy to get out there. It was a cool morning. I think it was 48 degrees when I left. I love it!


The rest of the day Sunday was grocery shopping, laundry, and prepping for the week. I did make some yummy applesauce from the apples we picked last weekend. It was delicious!


Weekend Update – Losing My Mojo (if I even had any…)

Hi Guys! Today is my birthday and I’m not finding it very happy. Actually, this weekend was one I’d rather forget.  Except for the company I kept. The situations all required a do-over.

Let’s start from the beginning shall we…

My ankle/achilles has been bothering me since my 18 mile long run last weekend. Anticipating my 20 miles scheduled for Sunday, I wanted to take some preventative steps.  Hopefully these things work like magic because that’s what I need right about now.img_4447

Kerry and I both worked half days then jumped in the car and headed to the Cape for a ZOOMA weekend.  We have been signed up for this for months. It initially started with a half marathon which would have worked perfectly into my training schedule, but they couldn’t get permitting.  It turned into a Yoga + Chill weekend. We decided to stick with it and enjoy a night away.img_4448

The view of the beach from our room was fantastic.img_4449

The view of the inside of our mini-fridge was fantastic too.img_4451

Even our swag was pretty sweet!img_4455

There were actually people swimming in the water.  The thought to bring our bathing suits hadn’t even crossed either one of our minds.  Although I don’t think we would have actually gone swimming.  It was nice to stick our feet in and enjoy one last day at the beach.img_4458 img_4462

We were both pretty hesitant of Hip-Hop Yoga but we were part of this weekend for the experience. I think it’s safe to say that we both are glad we did. It was fun and relaxing all at the same time.  Ultimately, it was just yoga but with upbeat music in the background.  She encouraged some hip sways and turns but it wasn’t the main focus.img_4467

Our night got a little bit more interesting from there.  We ended up leaving in the middle of the night because of a situation with our room.  I think we got home at around 3am.  Ben was getting up Saturday morning at 4:30 to run his long run.  I ended up staying on the couch until he got up so that he could get the sleep he needed.  I think I maybe slept 3 or so hours and was up for the day.  To say I was grumpy pants all day is an understatement.

I was supposed to take Kayley to a block party, but knew I was of no company nor in any shape to socialize.  Thankfully a friend took her. And Ben made me some breakfast for dinner in preparation for my 20 miles the next day.img_4474

While he cooked, I got my stuff together.  I planned on trying out Honey Stingers for the first time.img_4475

It was early to bed for me. I think by 8:30 I was out like a light.  And then up for 4:30.  I was ready to go I wanted this so bad.

Until I had to stop at mile 5.5.  There was something wrong with my knee. I had twisted my ankle crossing a street too close to the edge of a cobblestone cross walk and my ankle rolled at about mile 4. I had been feeling good too.  I don’t know if I ended up twisting my knee too.  I tried to run through it but the more I ran, the more it hurt.  Complete defeat on my face – notice in the picture you can’t see my eyes. I was pretty much bawling.img_4476

I went home and thought about it.  I felt fine to walk, so after I rested for a bit, I decided I was going to give it another try.  I moment I got outside and started walking down my hill, I could feel the pain again.  I waited until the flat even surface to start to run.  I saw those 14.5 miles and wanted them.  My knee didn’t.  As soon as my foot made contact with the ground in my first stride, there was immediate tears in my eyes.  I wasn’t going to make my body worse just to try to get to 20 today.  Didn’t help my grumpy pants situation either.

I pretty much stayed the rest of the day on the couch or the recliner in super comfy clothes, my blanket and ice packs.  Ben and Kayley decided that tonight was the night to give me my birthday presents since we are going to my parents tomorrow. They did awesome.  The hat is one I intend to wear at MCM.  Kerry gave me a hat that I have been wanting too. I’m a lucky girl.img_4480

Now if only I can stay in that frame of mind for the day today, maybe I will have a happy birthday.

Weekly Workout Recap – 9/25

The Uptite Mamas have some fun races coming up. Let’s see how we did this week.


Kerry: Boot camp day today. I was so tired this morning from the weekend  but knew I didn’t want to skip out. It was super humid when I got up and it had rained over night so it made for a double whammy. The field was wet and the trainer did not spare us. I couldn’t tell if I was soaked from the field being wet or from it being so humid. We started by doing a set of 10 reps of a specific exercise and then ran out to the 30 yard line and back. We repeated that 3 times and then moved on to the next set of exercises. Exercises included–squats, bicycles, lunges, full body extensions, spider man climbs, burpees, push-ups, and planks. We then did some more sprinting. It was a good workout.


Lara: I’m still kind of feeling it from my 18 mile run over the weekend and then our 3 mile walk on Sunday.  Today I just let my body rest and stayed in bed a little bit longer than normal.  Hopefully it’s only going to help.


Kerry: I got out for a run today. It was a quick 3 mile run. Easy pace. I have to start getting used to how dark it is in the morning when I go out. That is the one thing I don’t love about this time of year.


Lara: I spent some time stretching my lower back thanks to some Yoga with Adriene.

And then it finally felt good to get back to some weights.  I let my lower back rest from weights last week and I was so ready for it today.  Our lunchtime workout consisted in upper body and cardio. (I skipped out on step ups and squats.) It felt good to see that I hadn’t lost any muscle memory and was ready to get right back into it.


Kerry: Boot camp day. Today’s workout started with us doing 12 push-ups, 12 squats, 12 full body extensions, and 12 burpees. We then ran to the 20 yard line and did 11 reps of each. We kept going until we got done to zero. It was a tough workout–over 75 burpees and 75 push-ups total. My arms were feeling it!


Lara: I skipped out on running again today. I have 3 runs coming up in the next few days and one includes a 20.  So this morning I just did some more Yoga with Adriene and back to basics with lower back focus.


Kerry: I woke up and was so tired. I decided that I wasn’t going to run this morning. I feel a little guilty but also feel like I need some extra rest.

Lara: I was planning on a 5 mile run this morning, but set my sights for 3 miles just because it’s been a few says since I ran.  I was more than happy to make it to 5 without feeling any pains.  It’s been awhile and I’ll take it!


Kerry: I had full intentions of getting up and getting a run in. I ended up sleeping late and wasn’t able to get it in. I had a half day today because Lara and I were heading to the Zooma Cape Cod weekend in the afternoon. I knew we would be doing some Hip Hop Yoga in the evening so I figured that could be my exercise. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Hip Hop Yoga. It really wasn’t much different than normal yoga but we just had some fun tunes in the background. I am not much of a yoga person but this was actually fun. I actually enjoyed it! I survived the hour long yoga class.


Lara: Like Kerry, I had a half day today and was just going to let the day take me through whatever happened.  (I kind of bargained for more than I hoped for with that thought.) Since Kerry and I were heading to ZOOMA Cape Cod and there was running and yoga on the itinerary, I decided to just chill this morning and finish up my packing for the weekend.  Hip Hop Yoga was on the agenda and I’ll admit, I was a little apprehensive.  Turns out it was yoga, with maybe a few extra hip shakes all to upbeat and fun music.  I felt completely relaxed and wonderfully stretched out.  It was a definite unexpected success!


Kerry: Well, I was supposed to start my morning off with yoga at 7am and a 6 mile run to follow–all part of the Zooma weekend. Unfortunately the morning didn’t work out quite as planned. Lara and I ended up driving home in the middle of the night last night and didn’t participate in the morning activities. We got home at 3am….it was a long night so the last thing I wanted to do after 4 hours sleep was get up and think about running. I plan on doing a run first thing tomorrow morning-once I am well rested.

Lara:  Same story as Kerry. I was a zombie today and didn’t want to make any personal contact with anyone. I couldn’t even get out of my own way.  Not the best day to say the least.  A workout probably would have helped my frame of mind, but I didn’t even have any energy for the thought.


Kerry: I got a 6 mile run in this morning. I haven’t run since Tuesday and it felt good to get out there. It was chilly when I left–about 48 degrees. It felt great though.


Lara: Time for the 20 miler today! To say my anxiety was at an all time high would have been an understatement.  I headed out at about 5:30 and felt pretty good. I did have to stop a couple of times within the first 3 miles to stretch my back.  At just about mile 4, I rolled my ankle crossing a part of the street with a cobblestone crosswalk.  I stopped and checked it out for a minute and it seemed fine so I kept on going.  At about mile 5 I felt a twinge in my knee.  I stretched it and walked it out.  But I tried to keep going.  There was pain every time my foot made contact with the ground. I knew that I probably could try to go a little further to see if I could keep going, but in all reality I also knew that doing that would injure me only further. I called for a ride after 5.5 miles.  I feel like a failure.  I got home and thought about it.  I made the decision to just give it another shot and try again.  Walking doesn’t hurt so I thought I could.  Walking down the hill and it started to hurt.  Once I got to a flat surface and ran, the tears were immediate. Not how I expected today to go.

Weekend Update (Kerry)-Fun Fall Activities

This past weekend was super busy but so much fun! We filled the weekend with lots of activities. My mom and stepdad came up for the weekend so I took Friday off so I could get some last minute stuff done. Even though I had Friday off, I was still up bright and early to get my long run. I was out the door at 5am for a 13 mile run. I was a little nervous because I have had this awful cough all week. I felt fine but the cough was killing me. I was coughing so much, my abs hurt. I made it through the run without coughing a ton, which was nice. I went a little slower than normal hoping I could keep the cough at bay.


After the run, I actually headed to the doctor to get the cough checked out. The doctor wasn’t too concerned about it and said it could be allergies (which I have never had in the past) or viral and it should go away on its own. I had some errands to run after that and realized at about 12:45 that I was starving and hadn’t had lunch. I was right next to a Zinga so decided to get some frozen yogurt for lunch.


While I was grocery shopping, I picked these up and made them for dessert Friday. They were super yummy!


Saturday morning we were up bright and early. We headed out to breakfast with my mom and stepdad. Jada got a Minnie Mouse pancake. It was so cute.


After breakfast, we headed out apple picking. It was an awesome day for it and I was excited that my mom got to spend some quality time doing something fun with the kids.

image image

image image

We were done apple picking by early afternoon, and got home just in time to head over to a first birthday party for one of our neighbor’s. The party was fun. They had an ice cream truck come and a bouncy house. The kids had a blast!


After the birthday party, it was back to our street for our annual block party. The block party is always a fun time. We live in a great neighborhood and we always have a great turn out. It’s nice to chat with the neighbors that we see in passing but don’t get to spend a lot of time with.


They had a bouncy house there and face painting. Jada loved getting her face painted. If you look at the picture, you can see Jalen trying to get in on the action.


Since we had such a crazy day Saturday, we took Sunday to just chill out. I did meet Lara in the morning for our weekly walk. After that, I spent the day doing a few things around the house–including laundry.


Jada had fun playing dress up.


Poor Jalen, was so tired–he took almost a 4 hour nap in the afternoon. Even though we were really busy, we had an awesome weekend!

Weekend Update – Did I Really Run 18 Miles?

I didn’t realize I took so many pictures to share with you this weekend until I just tried to download them all.  I’ll make it quick, I promise.

This weekend was full of different emotions and I’m still trying to process them all.

Let’s start off by how exciting I really am in real life. I finally got a library card 6 months later after moving.  I feel so much better now. 🙂 But seriously, I love listening to audiobooks when I’m in the car by myself.  It’s a habit I have kept since commuting.  I just put in 10 requests for audiobooks at the library. They’re going to get to know me.img_4375

I ran into the store for a quick thing and this caught my eye. I’m a huge Toblerone fan and I can’t wait to give this limited batch a try.img_4376

After work, I headed to my parents house to drop off some essentials. Ben was away this weekend and wasn’t going to be my runner support for my long run, so I enrolled my mom.  I left a water bottle and a towel in her car just in case she needed to rescue me.img_4385It didn’t take too long for 4:30am to roll around.  Fueling up before a long run is a must, but it’s not easy when you aren’t even hungry yet!img_4377

Just a Before Running 18 miles selfie.img_4378

The Harvest Moon was the night before and I loved still seeing it while I started my run.  The sky behind me with the sun coming up was awesome too but didn’t photograph well.img_4382Stoneham was setting up for town day as I ran through the center.  This huge flag was definitely something to stop for.img_4384

An after 18 miles selfie.  I think I was in shock.  Once I stopped I started sobbing and I didn’t know why.  I still can’t believe that I did it.img_4389My mom did have to come rescue me. But it’s only because I ran too far away from home and needed a ride back.img_4388I iced up my legs, showered and got ready for the rest of the day. Kayley and I met my friend and godson at a Dave & Busters for lunch and a game.  The kids had a blast.img_4390

Sunday morning came quick.  My legs were still achy but I figured they needed to get moving and stretched out.  We met Kerry and the kids for our traditional Sunday walk around the lake. It was a little slower today, but it was just as enjoyable.img_4405

Definitely wasn’t expecting to see Christmas stuff in the back corner of Target while we were out running our errands.  It just seems wrong.img_4407

Walked in the door with our groceries, unpacked and put them away, then started right into food prepping. The quicker it gets done, the quicker you have to relax and enjoy the rest of your weekend.img_4408And that’s just what we did.  After watching the Patriots game at home, Ben and I headed into Boston for the Red Sox/Yankees game.  Typically each year, we go on my birthday.  But they aren’t playing at home this year.  Last night’s game was amazing.  It was a late one and we got home close to 1. *yawn*img_4410

Weekly Workout Recap – 9/18

How did the Uptite Mamas do this week?


Kerry: Boot camp day. I was so tired when I got up this morning. I really could have stayed in bed another few hours. My body was tired too and it showed at boot camp this morning. We did some sprinting and then some tabata sets–squats, full body extensions, push-ups, burpees, and planks. The sprinting part was killer for me today. My legs were just not having it.


Lara: This is going to be an interesting week for me. I woke up yesterday with a sore back. As the morning progressed, so didn’t the muscle tightness and pain. This morning I woke up in a similar situation and decided to get it checked out by a doctor because I have something very important to do in 6 weeks and need to make sure I’m ready.  It appears I have a back sprain/strain and need to rest for 48 hours.  Just what I needed to marathon training.


Kerry: I didn’t feel well yesterday. I had this weird tickle in my throat and coughed all day which started Sunday. I have been coughing so much, my abs hurt from coughing. I decided to take a rest day today. I think my body was telling me something.

Lara: I stayed home from work yesterday and watched the entire season of The Night Of on HBO.  So not like me at all.  I couldn’t do that for another day so I attempted to go to work.  I brought my meds and ice pack with me, but once my boss saw the I showed up she told me to go back home and listen to the doctors orders.  I left at lunch time and finished resting.


Kerry: Boot camp today. I am still feeling a little under the weather but managed to get myself out of bed to get my workout in. It was a tough workout today. It was a mix of strength moves (push-ups, burpees, v-ups, bicycles, lunges) and then some running on the bleachers after each set. I was a little slower than normal but at least I got it done.


Lara: I had a much, much, much better sleep last night. I was able to roll without pain which is huge. I even got some pelvic floor stretches done before work to help relieve some tension.  This actually helped a lot and I’m so glad I did it.


Kerry: I decided to rest today. I am still coughing and I am planning on doing my long run tomorrow instead of Saturday because of weekend plans. I want to try to make sure I am good to go tomorrow morning for the run.

Lara: Another good night led to the actual thought of attempting a run today.  I wasn’t going to overdo it. I wanted to see what I had in me.  I planned on stopping if there was ANY pain and I was prepared to go extremely slow.  I went out at lunchtime at work after I knew my body would be awake and warmed up from the morning.  I was cautious as I started, but my legs felt so darn good. They were READY.  My lungs weren’t though.  Of and I should mention that my back did not hurt at all.  Phew. I’d say I’m on the mend and quite a difference from Sunday/Monday.  I managed 3.2 miles!


Kerry: I decided to do my long run today instead of Saturday. We have a bunch of weekend plans, and it made more sense to run today. Luckily, I had the day off work so once I was done with the run, the weekend began! It was a 13 mile run this morning. I have had this weird cough all week so I wasn’t sure how it would affect my run. It was perfect running weather–about 56 degrees. I even was a little chilly a few times on the run. My pace was decent–a little slower than normal but I wasn’t too worried. This will be my last long run before the Smuttynose Half Marathon.


Lara: I’m dedicating this day to complete rest for my body because I really, really, really want to attempt my long run tomorrow. This meme kind of works for an actual workout and the process.  Right now it’s me in process…


Kerry: I have family in town visiting so I decided to,spend some quality time with them instead of getting a run in.

Lara: So I did it. I woke up early and prepped for my run. I planned to stop at my parents after 6 miles for a water and bathroom stop.  There I would pick up the water belt I left so I didn’t have to wear it for the whole run.  I went super slow purposely. It felt good to run those miles with what felt like little effort.  After leaving my parents for the next part, I still felt strong by could tell I was getting tired.  My pace stayed even for the next 4-5 miles or so.  I started losing my stride after that.  My legs started to ache but my back was still pain-free. So I just kept pushing. I started walking more and wanted to quit but didn’t want to give up. I finished 18 miles yesterday. I still can’t believe it.  I guess the best way to describe it is that I was super emotional.  When I stopped, my body just heaved a huge sigh and tears started to come.
Has that ever happened to anyone?


Lara woke up with aches and pains from her run.  Kerry is saying good-bye to her family who visited.  The intention to pick up our Sunday walk is there, but we aren’t sure when it might happen…


Race Recap-Emarc 5K

This past Sunday I ran the 22nd Annual Marathon Sports Emarc 5K. I have run this race several times in the past. I like it because it is a familiar course, and of course, right in the city I live in. A few years back, I had placed 2nd in my age group (you can read about that here) so I had some high hopes for this race.


It was pretty warm and humid when the race started–about 77 degrees. It was cloudy and there was a 60% chance of rain. I was hoping the rain would hold off until the end of the race. The whole family came out to watch me run–which I love!


The hubby got some good video of me at the start.

I don’t know what happened but as I was waiting in line for the race to start, my hands started shaking and I got this really anxious feeling. I have no idea what the issue was. The race started and before I hit the 1 mile mark, I got an awful cramp in my side. I knew at that point, this might not be my race. My first mile was a 7:30/mile. My second mile was much slower–8:30/mile. The third mile I tried to redeem myself and came in at 7:45/mile.As I approached the end of the race-the last 7/10th of a mile, it started down poruing.It was super windy and awful. As I approached the finish line, I didn’t expect my family to be there but Jay stuck it out and captured some video of me.


It ended up not being my fastest time. I finished in 24:21 (7:50/mile). It was good enough to place 2nd in my age group again. I was excited but of course, a tad disappointed because I knew if I was a little faster on that second mile, I would have placed 1st. 2nd place in my age group got me an awesome prize though. Cant beat a gift certificate to a local running store!




Weekend Recap (Kerry)-Busy, Busy

Another weekend has come and gone. It was a busy weekend for me….lots of plans. Friday night started with dinner at Friendly’s with the family.

image image

After dinner, I was off to a wine night. I have become friendly with one of the mom’s of a friend of Jada’s at daycare and she invited me to the wine night. Everyone brings a bottle of wine and an appetizer/dessert. I made this awesome cannoli dip that you serve with broken up waffle cones. It was delicious.


I stayed out past my bed time Friday night so getting up for my long run Saturday morning was tough. I started to get ready for the run and realized I had no Gu. Luckily Lara lives 1.5 miles away so she was able to help me out.

image image

The run was tough but I got through it.


Saturday afternoon we had plans for a play date with one of Jada’s friends from daycare and her parents. We went to their house for dinner. I made a Smores Dump Cake. It was pretty delicious.


On the way there, I had to pick up my bib number for a 5K Sunday.


The girls enjoyed playing together. I was exhausted when we got home and fell asleep on the couch. I don’t think I made it past 8:30. Sunday morning started with a local 5K. I have run this one several times in the past and enjoy it. I was excited that Jay and the kids would be there to cheer me on too!


The race went okay. I didn’t do as well as I expected. I got a really bad cramp right before the end of the first mile and I knew it was going to be a battle from then on. It started down pouring with 30mph wind for the last 7/10th of a mile. It was pretty horrible. Despite that, I still placed 2nd in my age group, which was nice. I ended up running a 24:21 (7:50/mile). Not my best but certainly not my worst. I plan on posting a race recap later in the week.

After the race (and after I dried off), it was off to the Victorian Fair in our city. It is a yearly fair and always a fun time for the kids. Jada enjoyed getting her face painted.


She also loved watching some of the dancers from her local dance school.


Once we got home, I made a delicious dinner that I would definitely make again. I got the recipe from Pintrest and it was awesome–Peanut Chicken Zucchini Noodles. I highly recommend trying it.


It was a busy weekend but we certainly had a lot of fun!




Weekend Update – I Think I’m Falling Apart

Ok I feel like not a lot happened this weekend but I had tons of pictures. So I guess I did do a lot. So let’s see together.

On Friday, I kind of spent some extra time on Pinterest.  It’s one of those apps that I get obsessed with, get bored with, forget about, then remember and the whole cycle starts over again.  Anyway, I think I need this shirt.image

I got in some DVR watching before I had to head to work.  I had a bunch of Unreal episodes to catch up on.  I ended up watching them all this weekend. So that’s done.image

I made it to the gym at lunchtime to get some stretching and core workouts in.image

My kid thinks she’s a comedian.  This was part of our text conversation on Friday when she got out of school and I asked her if she wanted to hang out with one of her friends.image

My back has been a little off. So I’m trying to revive it a little bit.image

Watched The Incredibles on the town common.  It was a perfect night for it.  Would totally do this again.image

I’m still taking some time off from running so that my body can repair whatever weirdness is going on.  But Ben and Kerry still had their long runs Saturday morning.  Kerry needed some Gu, so I met her at the end of my street with a stash for her to choose from.  One of the benefits of living so close to runner friends.

Kayley had a friend sleepover and this is what I found when I went to check on them in the morning.image

And brought them these yummy things.  The box was stuffed to the brim and they did a great job of eating them up.  I did have 3 though.image

I needed my own fuel for whenever I get to run again.  I prefer the Bloks over the Gu.

Sunday morning I woke up with incredible back pain.  It hurt to get changed even.  We had a baptism to attend and I tried my hardest to not let the pain get to me.  It was tough sitting and standing during mass, but I made it through.  This definitely isn’t pleasant and I have no idea what to do with myself because I feel like I’m always recovering from some strange ailment.image

We got home with plenty of time to get food prep done for the week.  Protein and veggies are on the menu. Always.image

I’m typing this up Sunday night before bed.  My bad seems to be a bit better from how I started the day.  I’m hoping that it goes away just as quickly as it came.